Friday, January 29, 2010

design obsession: ceilings

happy new year, all! we are almost a month in...can you believe it? i've already been consumed with lots of event and projects, but i wanted to make sure i passed along a little inspiration this month.

nestled among my five pages of new years resolutions (no, i'm not exaggerating) are heaps of design ideas for the glorious day the husband and i move into a place with a little more, shall we say, freedom when it comes to make the home our own. among those ideas? ceilings. the pleasant little surprise for those who take the time to turn their attention upward.

are they the first priority? certainly not. but what a fun, indulgent way to add a little sophistication to your space.
...happy sophisticating...

well, the chandelier is fabulous, which goes without saying, but i LOVE this graphic black and white print. a bit of a commitment, but could be f.a.b when used appropriately. notice how the other elements of the room are all white to keep it from being overwhelming.
featured at this is glamorous.

ladies and gentlemen, i present the coffered ceiling. if you're not lucky to own an original, never fear--you can create your own. head on over to "my design dump" to see exactly how it's done. the before and afters are unreal.

what a great way to play up original architectural details--a rich and dreamy sky blue. the color really lets the ceiling and chandelier pop.
featured in house beautiful july 2009.

love Love LOVE! so subtle but adds such a sense of sophistication. gorgeous.
featured in house beautiful january 2009.

i am all about rustic chic these days. so fabulous. the cream adds a depth and sophistication that might have been lost in all white. (sidenote: how fabulous is the fireplace. shut. up.)
featured in house beautiful january 2006.

a little much for me, but so fun. maybe for your teenager? houndstooth. on the ceiling. how cool is that? (i'm not gonna lie, though...i hate the carpet. HATE.)
featured in house beautiful december 2006.

glorious. rustic italian elegance. the bronze-y brown is applied in a ragging technique, which adds depth. and those beams! omg. perfect shade of cream. so warm. LOVE this.
featured in house beautiful august 2009.

if you're going for a shabby chic/rustic look, i love the all white room with a dark ceiling. very cheeky. a little dominating, but the wood is just so fabulous i don't think it even matters. if you find a home with a ceiling like this, buy it. like yesterday. the chandelier is a perfect choice for this space.
featured in house beautiful.

i think andy warhol just might love this. definitely requires a solid commitment to a color palette, but very nicely done. proving that wallpaper is not just for walls!
featured in house beautiful september 2009.

wowza. love this. again, a bit much for me--i think this would look amazing color on color. matte finish with gloss? but definitely a conversation starter. beautifully done.
featured on apartment therapy.