Saturday, April 30, 2011

omg: tomato blossom candle

last year i blogged about the voluspa elysian garden candle.
i waxed poetic about its intoxicating scent. but inside, i cried. because it is way too expensive for me to have one in every single room. [i tend to be kind of all or nothing.]

but oh, my sad, scentless days are over thanks to the new tomato blossom candle at target. TARGET, i tell you! under $10 and i swear it smells ALMOST EXACTLY the same as its much more expensive voluspa counterpart.

do yourself a favor. buy 10. i did. literally.
i have them on nearly every flat surface in my home. so subtle. so clean. so fresh.
you'll thank me!

...happy sophisticating...

photo credit

event gallery: mike & brynn's wedding!

brynn & mike are perfect for each other. like eerily so. they are the talented duo that make up d'avello photography.
[check out their work! it's fabulous!]
brynn & i went to high school together, so i was utterly delighted to have the chance to coordinate and carry out plans for their beautiful wedding last july.

if i had one word to describe the occasion, and them for that matter, it would be: FUN. the wedding had a fancy carnival theme and was laden with personal touches and endless handmade details. pennants, sewn by brynn. hand-painted signs, designed by mike. funnel cakes, cotton candy, margarita machine, IN N OUT, and candy. lots of candy.

it was summery, fun and oh-so-playfully sophisticated.

...happy sophisticating...

love that color palate!

probably the cutest seating assignments i've ever seen.

colored pencils and activity boxes for the kids table. such a brilliant touch!

we constructed these centerpieces from brynn & mike's handmade table numbers, brynn's pennants, pinwheels and the flowers. the result was so whimsical and fun! note the "old maid" cards on the tables for guests.

the head table.

each seat contained a customized wedding "cracker" with the guests name on it, as their place card.

the guest book, with colored pencils for guests! this is the bride's son, writing a special note to the happy couple :)

note the custom-made cake toppers--designed to look exactly like the bride and groom. down to the wardrobe!


Venue: Crestmore Manor [Riverside, California]
Photography: Hanssie Trainor
Flowers: Flowers on Vine [Redlands, California]
Cake: Beverly's Best Bakery
Print Materials: Sonja D. Hurlbert of Freshly Clean Designs

event gallery: roy & jeana's wedding

roy & jeana were married last august at the beautiful condor's nest in temecula, california.
i felt so honored to be selected as the coordinator for their big day.
jeana, a lawyer, was finishing studying for the bar exam while planning a wedding.
roy, currently working on his PhD in bioscience, is her perfect match.
too bad they aren't very intelligent. [wink!]
the day was filled with special details and personal touches.

jeana had a very clear vision for their day, which she described as "modern victorian"---she really wanted to play on the juxtaposition of old and new, rustic and polished---so sophisticated. the result was absolutely stunning. i loved the intense color palate, the gothic victorian touches and the utter beauty of the environment. congrats to jeana & roy!

...happy sophisticating...

flowers by honey & poppies

after a quick change, we were ready for the reception!

check out those stunning centerpieces.
for dinner?
a gourmet tapas-style meal fit for foodies. wow.

the wedding favor was homemade jam in these adorable jars with roy & jeana's custom seal. the bride & groom handed these to their guests as they took their seats for dinner.
such a personal touch!

so magical!


Venue: The Condor's Nest [Temecula, CA]
Flowers: Honey & Poppies
Photography: Adam Sjoberg for Ira Lippke Studios
Emcee / Host: Marcy Guevara
Coordinator: Yours truly!

For additional sourcing information, please contact me directly

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sophisticateur: gadabout

this is a message to everyone everywhere.
promise me you will visit gadabout.
so chic. so sassy. so sophisticated.
i am making them official "sophisticateurs."
check out these adorable [and i mean ADORABLE] notecards.
i am obsessed.
you can even download their iPhone app
to score a seriously fabulous background.

...happy sophisticating...

these must be mine.