Sunday, March 28, 2010

omg: voluspa elysian garden candle

okay--so scented candles. sometimes they can be amazing, sometimes they can be an instant "grandma-fier" to your house if you do not choose wisely.

i don't tend to like scents that are too floral or too musky. i'm constantly looking for that perfect, light, clean, luxurious scent. the kind of candle that instantly makes you feel like you live in a chic boutique hotel...or at anthropologie :)

enter the voluspa elysian garden candle. it smells like spring--but not the "all-of-these-flowers-are-growing-and-aggravating-my-allergies" spring. just fresh and pure. if i had to describe it as a color, i would say " mossy lime." if i was allowed to use adjectives, i would say "the most heavenly, glorious, light, airy, sophisticated scent ever created." just buy it.

close runner up: anthropologie's classic "capri blue volcano" candle. yes, the voluspa is even better than that.

...happy sophisticating...

ps- purchased this fabulous candle at "A Market." more to come on that later. anticipate anxiously.


cbpaschall said...

Yes, to the right candle Yes to A Market. Love this post! xo

Susan Webster Adams said...

I love this fragrance! This is one of my favorite fragrances in the new Maison Collections by Voluspa. Such a light floral. For me, I got a hint of apple when it was burning and I loved that. Great new scent.