Monday, February 6, 2012

design obsession: cabins

happy monday!

maybe it's just me, but this monday has me longing for "the other." ANYTHING other than...this. now. the first month of the new year is over, i have successfully cannonballed into the deep end at work, the calendar is already jam-packed...and i find myself already yearning for a little escape. a little time to sloooooow it down.

if you're in the same boat as me, it's time to book a therapy session OR spend a minute or two or twenty on the photos below. i stumbled across these via bright bazaar via apartment therapy via cabin porn. just the sight of them was enough to give me a little moment of inspiration to carry me through. i'd love to own a splendid little place like this someday. not too big, not too fancy - just a room, a major view and lots of fresh air.

...happy sophisticating...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

saturday splendor: steven gambrel

i recently stumbled across the site of s.r. gambrel, a remarkable design firm in nyc. i'm quite familiar with their work, as they've been featured in the pages of just about every design magazine i scour. why i hadn't thought to go straight to the source and dive headlong into the splendor, i'll never know. but i have now and let me tell's glorious.

steven gambrel is the mastermind behind it all and i love his work for a number of reasons:
1- his ability to seamlessly blend the modern and traditional. he will combine unbelievably timeless furnishings with pops of mid-century modern in a way that is so elegant and confident and right.
2- his pops of color. i think we all know how obsessed i am with neutrals right now, but i couldn't help but become lost in his use of color. he uses bright, fun colors in a way that is not the least bit juvenile or cliche. so inspiring.
3- he has a background in architecture, which becomes abundantly clear when you dive into his work. it's clear that he spends a significant amount of time understanding the structure of a space, and then uses the design to elevate that structure. i think this is why there is so much variety in his work - he has the ability to adapt to what the house itself needs, and not just impose his own sensibility on things. this is no one-trick-pony.

this is a rather photo-heavy post. as it should be. give in to the splendor.
...happy sophisticating...

okay, i just had to sneak in my neutrals.

i wish i could sit there for hours. unbelievable light.

there are no words. just, perfection.

again with the light. and that daybed? utterly fantastic.

i mean, that piece! unreal.


almost trumps carrie & big's closet.

now THIS is a children's room.