Friday, April 23, 2010

omg: miss dior cherie & sofia coppola

i can't believe i've never written about this before. here's my thing--i take issue with perfume. i can't stand musky. i can't stand too fruity. i can't stand grandma floral. and i have one of those strange body constitutions (or whatever) that makes perfectly lovely perfume smell horrid. but then i discovered miss dior cherie. so feminine. so light. so lovely. just the perfect amount of...well...everything.

add to this my OBSESSION with sofia coppola and you can understand why i am sharing this. an extended cut of her delightful commerical for miss dior cherie. utter perfection. it's like everything i love...on the screen. i think i might burst. hope you do too.

...happy sophisticating...

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