Tuesday, August 11, 2009

omg: ma(i)sonry

i just invented a new feature category--omg--which means "OH MY GOSH i've discovered something so amazing that it is category-less."

so- OMG my husband and i just returned from a delightful week in the bay area and visited napa for the first time. i could go on and on and on about yountville & oakville & rutherford & st. helena...suffice it to say we plan to retire in one of these charming little towns.
too fab.
BUT across the street from our hotel we visited the most incredible place called ma(i)sonry--one part tasting room, one part gallery, one part boutique, all parts oh-so-sophisticated.

the building was built by an italian mason using stone from the eastern hills of napa valley. now it houses the most phenomenal collection of furniture, art and home accessories, and it features some of the most incredibly designed outdoor space i have ever seen. ever. you can grab a seat anywhere...really...anywhere...and sip or taste or take in the general splendor. they call it their living gallery. oh, and everything you see is for sale.

enjoy these photos. you'll die. in a good way. omg.
...happy sophisticating...

is it not stunning?

fab outdoor seating option #1. how great would this be for a private event?!

fab outdoor seating #2. the husband by the unbelievable fire pit.


so incredible.

one small piece of the fabulous boutique situation going on.

wouldn't you just love to sit here, oh, forever?

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Anonymous said...

The Napa Valley is one of my absolute favorite places on earth!!!!!!!!!
I have only been twice but have loved every minute of it. I too could live there. Thanks for this post, I'll keep it in mind for my next visit there!