Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sophisticateur: nancy meyers

nancy, oh nancy. why are you so incredible? not only do you write & direct romantic comedies that make women across the world swoon, but you hire the most PHENOMENAL art directors & set designers to create environments that make us all want to move into your movie. every. home. is. perfect. PERFECT!!!!

there is nothing more i can say. the photos speak for themselves. lose yourself in them. and if you're looking for movies to really get lost in...anything by nancy meyers and you're golden. utterly delightful.
...happy sophisticating...

let's start with the original. the unbelievable san marino home featured in father of the bride. w.o.w.

gotta love a great picket fence.

the living room. so simple and yet so chic. the muted color palatte really makes it feel homey.

and, of course, the phenomenal baby nursery featured in father of the bride, part II.

the napa home featured in the parent trap. love the climbing ivy. truly stunning.

and the interior. rustic chic. fabulous! notice how the accessories match the scale of the room.

and the wrap-around patio. shut. up.

the unreal london townhouse. mayfair district, i can only assume.

and the fabulous interior. orange has never looked so good. paired with traditional, classic elements, you can get away with a more bold wall color. i love the warmth!

the utterly delightful english cottage...built JUST for the movie. literally.

and inside? fabulous. love the color palatte of muted china blue and orangey gold. it plays off of the warm tones in the stone fireplace.

the "tent" featured in graham's house. shabby chic at its finest.

and, of course, cameron diaz's hollywood home in the movie. such a classic room! notice the jute rug as an organic background for the crisp brown and white. fabulous.

the unbelievable kitchen. i love how the modern surfaces are paired with more traditional lanterns.

and another view of the kitchen. LOVE the settee in the kitchen, so interesing. LOVE the slipcovered dining chairs. LOVE the use of natural elements to bring life to the space.

and the unbelievable pool. there are no words, really.

and to close? the something's gotta give house. it. is. perfect.

my dream kitchen. clean and bright. modern and traditional. so good it hurts.

and the dining room. you KNOW the food just tastes better in there. i adore the built in hutch with plates in all shades of white. notice how they mixed the finishes...black, warm brown, chocolate brown, creamy white. because they kept a simple color palate, they could mix without it feeling disheveled or unintentional.


i wonder what she'll have for us next, in her upcoming film "it's complicated," starring the incomparable meryl streep, alec baldwin and steve martin. it will be fabulous, i'm sure.
check out out the trailer!

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