Tuesday, June 7, 2011

obsession: sophistcated cleaning products

i know...i am SUCH a dork. BUT i am a firm believer that a sophisticated home, is a CLEAN home. i couldn't title this one a "design obsession" because i feel i need to be more honest than that. i can get a little nutty over cleaning products. i'm publishing this post at the risk of everyone i know expecting my house to be spotless all the time...or knowing better and thinking i'm a hypocrite. truth be told, i am no "martha stewart," but i do love a good "tidy" and these products, oddly enough, make the process almost enjoyable!

...happy cleaning, er, sophisticating...
i think i keep clorox in business with these bad boys. SO easy--i use them on everything. counters, floors, walls...whatever. they are "all natural"--not sure what that means, but it makes me feel a little superior. fully compostable, not too smelly and work like a charm. these have a permanent home on the counter.

ladies and gentlemen, i present my secret weapon. the eureka quick-up cordless vacuum. this is a great "pre-deep-clean" or "in-between-deep-cleans" tool. with hardwood floors and two puppies, i use it almost every day and it is incredible! great on carpets, too!

this is hands down, THE best wood floor cleaner out there. spray and mop (with the fancy micro-fiber moppy thing that comes with it) and your wood floors have never looked cleaner or more conditioned. makes the whole place just sparkle.

i hate smelly cleaning products, but i love products that actually do what they are supposed to. so consequently, i am obsessed with williams sonoma pink grapefruit products. your house will smell so fresh...almost magical.

washing windows is my favorite. why? instant gratification! it was dirty, now it's clean. love. enter williams sonoma microfiber spray window washer. whaaaat? too fabulous for words.

this is a big "duh." these things are insane. you THOUGHT you needed touch up paint, but really, you just needed a magic eraser. i have these on hand at all times. keeps everything looking new and freshly painted.

it's just hand soap, but it cleans like a dream--no grimy residue--and smells SO fresh. even perfumeaphobes will admit...this scent is heavenly!

now tidy up ;)


Karen Chandler said...

Dear Victoria,
Please come live with me.
K, thanks.

Tom Unfried said...

Only one critique...where do we get this stuff? I know a few like the Clorox, Mr. Clean, & Meyers can be had at Target. But what about the Bona floor cleaner? Never seen that. My house is ALL fifty-five year old red oak...

victoria smith said...

Bona can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, etc! It's the best!

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