Monday, January 23, 2012

design obsession: balloons

happy chinese new year!
[true, i am not chinese, but i'm just kicking things off for 2012.]

it's a new year, people. let's get festive.
let's start with a bang...or a pop, as it were.
i want to highlight a major trend i'm seeing in events & design...balloons!
these are not your mama's party-city-elmo-threw-up-all-over-the-sky balloons.
these are chic.
sophisticated even.
the incarnation of "class has no price range."

i've been using balloons in unique, graphic ways ever since i started out in events - but i'm loving all of the new inspiration & creativity that is emerging in the wedding & event universe with these simple, child-like, often inexpensive design elements!

inspiration below. which is your favorite?
...happy sophisticating...

apropos for new years. love the monocromatic color palatte and the use of mylars. super simple but the absolute mass quantity makes it so fun and chic!
image courtesy of shelter interior design.

love this idea - a wall of balloons. great design feature for a party, or perhaps a backdrop at a wedding or photo booth. time consuming? yes. expensive? NOPE!
image courtesy of martha stewart weddings.

planning a birthday surprise? go big.
image courtesy of vogue italia january 2001.

LOVE the jumbos. what a fun way to add some sass to a large bridal party.
image courtesy of 100layercake.

love the use of poms mixed in. these don't require helium, just a little maneuvering. i'd imagine they could last a long time too. i love how the colors transition from blues to purple. tres chic!
image courtesy of 8foot6.

ombre balloons. BRILLIANT. so simple and so chic - proof positive that you don't need a large budget to host a sophisticated party.
image courtesy of jillian harris.

and a close up.

love this. it's a little cray cray, but so fun. the strings are tied to the inner border of the table, so they really wouldn't be that obtrusive. suddenly simple white linens become breathtaking!
image courtesy of lovelornunicorn.

white jumbo balloons featuring a custom monogram - from my own nuptials nearly 4 years ago! they made graphic statement in mass quantity, not to mention a whole lot of fun.


Lehua said...

the second to last was where i got the idea for our christmas party... cest la vie

Brynn said...

I think I need some for our next bridal show.. love it!