Saturday, May 9, 2009

event gallery: ruby slippers luncheon

one of the things i love about working at biola is their committment to being culturally relevant. during our centennial year, we developed the very first national women's history month celebration at biola: the ruby slippers luncheon. now in its second year, we've had two fantastic luncheon events. both years we have had rather limited budgets, but with a little creativity and a lot of collaboration, the ruby slippers luncheons have been
perfectly fresh, feminine and inspiring.
...happy sophisticating...

red swagging is a simple, but dramatic way to
dress up even the most basic white tents.

the biola ruby awards. add tulle to anything and
you can instantly "sophisticate" the ordinary into
something fabulous and feminine.

when in doubt, wrap it! simple brown boxes become fun and creative centerpieces when wrapped in beautiful paper. in this case, we had an international theme so we selected internationally-themed papers all in shades of red. and the fabulous ruby slippers? we took shoes from thrift stores, spray painted them red, rolled them in red glitter and voila!

a view of our speaker, jonalyn fincher, in her fabulous, thematic outfit.
also note the INREDIBLE red rose topiary to the left.

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