Saturday, May 2, 2009

event gallery: my wedding

okay, maybe it's a bit egocentric, but being an event planner i DID, of course, plan my own wedding...and i have to say i thought it was rather fabulous. i cannot begin to tell you how many things failed to go as planned (how ironic) but the overall aesthetic was completely in line with my vision.
...happy sophisticating...

photographs by michael musser

our invitations, designed by michael musser of anticipate invitations

our venue: the orange county museum of art in newport beach

jumbo balloons featuring our custom monogram,
also created by michael musser

the stage where we were wed!

modern art gallery + grandma's vintage furniture = vintage modern fabulous

rather than standing at attention, our bridal party
sat on the vintage furniture in portrait groupings during our ceremony

our programs, displayed in a vintage suitcase

we hired a silhouette artist to cut silhouettes of our guests
for them to take home as a special remembrance of our day

our guestbook: a vintage typewriter

the end!

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