Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1123: kitchen window before & after

it may seem like a small thing, but one of the first things i knew we had to do when we bought this house was paint the kitchen window. it was creepy and brown and icky looking. my husband didn't know why i was making such a fuss, but now that it's freshly painted and shiny and new, he can't help but agree :)

and it makes and especially lovely backdrop for my potted herbs.

...happy sophisticating...

before. (well, post-taping, but before painting.)


before. it's just dark and icky. don't you think?

after! so fresh and clean!

after! and my delightful little herbs finish it off.


after. another delight? my custom vintage spoon herb markers. purchase on etsy via vintage garden.


Brynn said...

Definitely needed a facelift :)

Karen Chandler said...

I love the table lamp in the kitchen. very warm.