Friday, May 6, 2011

event gallery: cinco de mayo dinner

on may 5 i had a work event for our board of trustees. i was charged with the task of creating an elegant dinner, incorporating a "cinco de mayo" theme. eek. a bit daunting.

this was a sophisticated bunch of people, so it was essential that the atmosphere be calming, luxurious and serene---not kitschy, overly festive or garish, as cinco de mayo-themed events have a tendency to become.

so, i got to thinking and was inspired to create a "mexican resort" vibe. restful, muted colors, natural tones and organic accents. the results were, in my opinion, quite lovely!

many thanks to amazing florals by primary petals!

...happy sophisticating...

white lamour linens, handmade burlap runners and floral arrangements featuring succulents and white stock. featured in white square vases of varying heights, with burlap ribbon.

we bought these really incredible leaves, to serve as an organic twist on a charger. they were velvey and bright green with lighter green markings---the heat started curling them, so we flipped them over and realized the back was equally gorgeous and the perfect, muted shade of green to match the succulents!
note the favor: a miniature bottle of olive oil with a darling little tag...and the oil matches the subtle yellow in some of the filler flowers!

as the sun went down, the light of the candles reflected between the vases. so charming.

a simple touch of sophistication to play up on the venue---tea lights spaced every 12" along the balcony!

an aerial shot!

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Karen Chandler said...

Di. Vine. Photography, especially at dusk...perfect.