Tuesday, July 5, 2011

photoshoot: ashley & ken

i recently had the chance to work with the amazing husband & wife duo that is d'avello photography.

i coordinated mike & brynn's wedding last august, and was delighted when they called and asked me to style this engagement photoshoot with ashley, an old friend from high school, and her fiance, ken. we started at the fullerton train station and rode the train to union station in los angeles.

i am a sucker for classic architecture, so union station provided endless opportunities for incredible light, great lines and unbelievably romantic nooks and crannies. i didn't want any of the styling to interfere with the feeling of the station, or the romance between ashley and ken--so we went with a monochromatic color palette and some classic accessories. brynn & mike did an incredible job of capturing every little moment between ashley & ken, while capitalizing on the incredible venue. the results were stunning.

...happy sophisticating...

could they BE more photogenic? love it.

love the original seating--and check out that color palette! gorgeous washed out earth tones.

i love the way mike & brynn captured this moment.

we were shooting in front of a large area of the station that is roped off for special events. we very obediently adhered to the "no trespassing" rules, and it paid off! the security guard let us in for ten minutes!

the light was unbelievable.

i saved the best for last. they look stunning, the light is unreal--this makes me think of those classic portraits of french royalty.

more to come, as i'll be coordinating ashley & ken's september wedding!

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Tom Unfried said...

Beautiful...As one into both style AND railroads, theses photos are great!