Monday, July 18, 2011

tidbit: hither & thither

my husband and i have a bad case of wanderlust. while we love our [relatively] simple life in our little cottage, we love to travel -- which, for us, usually means lots of wandering, peacefully taking in the sights and quintessential "local" experiences, scoping out fabulous restaurants, dipping into shops and trying to gather the feeling of a place.

well, when it comes to travel guides, we have hit the jackpot.
hither & thither.

the couple in venice, italy.

a darling couple, living in manhattan, who love to travel just like us. i knew we'd struck gold when i read through their post on napa and it looked like they photocopied the photo album of our trip. the will, heretofore, be our "go to" travel resource.

check out their blog. beautiful photos. incredible tips & recommendations that seem to really capture the spirit of a place. even the way they document their everyday life will leave you inspired. whether you're planning a trip, or you want to escape for a few minutes, you will certainly enjoy hither & thither!

...happy sophisticating...

enjoy a smattering of photos from their travels,
and from a local farmers market in manhattan!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE this post and can't wait to check out the blog. One more to add to the never-ending list of blogs to read. Maybe they have something on Vancouver!