Saturday, July 16, 2011

sophisticateurs: the novogratz

a little over a year ago i discovered the novogratz family. i became immediately obsessed with the unbelievably fashionable, new york-based couple -- house-flipping, avant garde, interior designers -- and their 7 [yes 7] children. imagine my delight at the news that they've landed their new design show, home by novogratz, on hgtv.

i love their outside the box approach to design. the normal rules don't apply to them, because they design in a way that works for THEM. large, open floor plans, communal living spaces, bright colors, white, fabulous flea market finds.

the homes featured below belong to them. they are famous for purchasing dilapidated, sometimes condemned properties and utterly transforming them into these unbelievable spaces. i'm smitten. you will be too.

tune in tonight, 7/16 at 10pm on hgtv.
...happy sophisticating...

their children's names? wolfie (wolfgang), tallulah, bellamy, breaker, five, holleder & major.
did i mention the entire family is signed with ford models? no, seriously.

before and after

they had this fabulous rooftop space where they loved to play basketball, but they kept losing the ball. so, naturally, they constructed this unbelievable chain-link dome to solve the problem. brilliant.

want more? check out more of their incredible designs at the
website for their company, sixx design.

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