Sunday, June 28, 2009

design obsession: molding

living in orange county, i have the benefit of experiencing what you might call "suburban mecca." grocery stores in abundance, a number of targets (as in target, the store) in close proximity, endless dining options, nice wide streets, apartments with granite countertops, well maintained shrubbery, tidy...everything. the list goes on and on. one of the things i DON'T have is a home with character. hundred-year-old hardwood floors, beautiful wood built ins, vintage tiles and bathroom fixtures, et cetera. they are out there, don't get me wrong. but if you're like me and have found yourself in "shiny, new, cookie cutter land" and you're longing for a little touch of old sophistication...i give you molding.duh, right? crown molding, wainscoting, chair mother has obsessed over them my entire life. now i know why- instant sophistication. even for apartment dwellers, what a fabulous, temporary fix for big white walls lacking character. i know there is "the real thing" and "the not real thing," but i'm talking purely aesthetic here. go to home depot and let your imagination run wild. you're not limited to just picking the perfect shade of "latte" to add warmth and interest to your home. honestly, slap it up there, paint it a different color or the same color or don't paint it at all--whatever you do it will be perfect.
...happy sophisticating...

let's be can imagine how sad this wall would be without this fabulous wall treatment.

such a creative idea. as a border for wallpaper this creates such a custom feel. the possibilities are endless. artwork? family photos?

a paint treatment to mirror molding. brilliant.

let's get crazy! take it on the chic.

who says it has to be expensive? get creative. in this photo, even simple wood planks add such an interesting, shabby chic touch. try leaving them unfinished. could be utterly fabulous.

all white, but it adds just a touch of sophistication. love it.

cream and white. classic. fabulous.

and i leave you with...molding nirvana.

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Emily said...

Victoria, I found your blog while I was surfing Facebook. This post is inspiring. I have a newfound love for moulding!


Emily Kazmierski