Tuesday, June 9, 2009

design obsession: peonies

"flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into."
~henry beecher, life thoughts, 1858

at one of my bridal showers, one of my bridesmaids was asked, "if victoria were a flower, what kind would she be?" her answer? a peony. God love her. one of the nicest compliments i've ever received, as i LOVE peonies and i love this time of year because, in their finicky nature, they are FINALLY gracing us with their presence.

i love peonies because they are unbelievably glamorous and decadantly dramatic and yet require absolutely no other adornment. throw them in a simple vase, even a mason jar, and they steal the show. how brilliant is that? high maintenance on their way, low maintenance once they arrive. the epitome of a woman.

i won't say anything more because i don't need to. they speak for themselves. my only recommendation: ENJOY them! throughout your home, at an event, in your centerpiece...INSTANT sophistication.
lose yourself in these beautiful photos.
...happy sophisticating...

coupled here with gardenias. all white. perfectly elegant.

in a simple square vase with slices of fresh limes. delightful!

have you ever seen anything so fabulous. so feminine and so strong. in a milk jug. AMAZING.

this almost hurts my heart...it is so beautiful...

again with the fruit. love.

"give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where i can walk undisturbed."
~walt whitman

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Anonymous said...

You have me swooning, I too love peonies!!!
That white/gray room with the dark red ones is killing me!