Monday, June 8, 2009

sophisticateur: michael musser

you know how there are those people you meet in life...and for some reason or another, you just ADORE them? you may not even know them very well, but you just develop this...affinity toward them? michael and kimi musser are two of those people. i met michael through our work together at biola university and he has to be one of the most talented artists i've ever encountered. from photography, to university advertising campaigns, to invitations, everything he created just had "it."

he's left biola now (*tear) and he and his incredibly talented wife are immersed in freelance work through their company anticipate invitations. visit their website. you will faint. perhaps literally. here are a few snapshots to entice you!
...happy sophisticating...

printed on the pages of an old shakespeare anthology, for a literary-loving couple. brilliant.

call me indulgent. our wedding invites. he perfectly incorporated a classic, traditional invitation with all of the vintage flair and creativity we were hoping for. hand sewn, placed in the most delicate white pastry bag and sewn shut. utterly delightful.

these were actually designed for a friend of mine. they wanted to incorporate all of the five senses with their invitations. michael's idea? dried rosemary included in the delicate fabric bag containing their beautiful invitation. shut. up.

michael and kimi's very own. the ribbon on the cover stretches from pennsylvania to washington--each of their home states. such a sweet touch!

clyde and anna belle cook's 50th wedding anniversary. somehow he managed to turn one of the most traditional of event concepts (the golden wedding anniversary) into an invitation that was both personal and traditional, yet still stylish and fresh. quite a feat!

if you are in need of invitations or print materials of any kind...anticipate invitations.
you won't be sorry.

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